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Blockchain Services

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Blockchain Services
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Blockchain Services

What is blockchain ?

 blockchain, originally blockchain, is a growing list of records, called blocks, which are linked using cryptography. Blockchains which are readable by the public are widely used by cryptocurrencies. Private blockchains have been proposed for business use… -Wiki 

Blockchain is the new cutting-edge technology with potential to be used across all industries. We can offer solution to build blockchain based products and web services, with long-term operations related help. Since our team highly trained in multiple disciplines, you will be provided with excellent consultation support. We can also develop frameworks that fit any domain needs including web services operating on top of the blockchain, with the state-of-the-art UI/UX. 

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But Blockchain Technology is not only Bitcoin – it can be used for any product/industry where trustless transactions could be done between complete strangers. We explain you the concept with examples and all related to your project details. 
You’ll get an advice on the strategic use of blockchain technology based on our evaluation of your company's profile. We will analyze and offer the right solution using the capability of existing blockchain technology to optimize your business.

Blockchain Implementation

Many companies are using blockchain for cryptocurrencies, but there is increased interest in this technology for existing enterprise solutions, such as Salesforce and leveraging Blockchain technology with these applications will provide with ability to create immutable, secure ledgers that can prove transactions, while keeping data confidential which is a key requirement in many enterprises. We have an expertise in infrastructure architecture and development of blockchain related products including long-term assistance with technological and operational matters.
As a Blockchain Solution provider we will be involved in all development phases:
Discovery And Assessment Of Your Project
Gathering And Analyze All Requirements
Identify And Recommend Type Of Blockchain Platform Based On Unique User Stories/Use Case
Provide Resources/Expertise In Design And Development (Onsite And Offsite)
Blockchain Application Testing And Deployment

Where to use Blockchain?

Blockchain is being acknowledged as a technology that can be used for multiple domains: banking, supply chain, energy, healthcare and others. Blockchain Technologies can help to reduce costs, increase efficiency with better performance and privacy, and even open new business opportunities. Blockchain provides a new way for businesses to share data and automate processes across company network. We can provide with complete evaluation of the existing product and recommend a new model for your organization on best uses of blockchain solution, including all implementation phases.

Education service

We offer Blockchain corporate and individual training at our classrooms conducting teaching seminars, workshops, bootcamps providing with learning materials along with hands-on labs. You can learn about all aspects of Blockchain technology – Blockchain Fundamentals, Introduction to Decentralized Technology, Blockchain Principals and Practices and others.
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