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Certificate Program in AI/ML

Certificate Program in AI/ML

Certificate Program in AI/ML

Course Details of CP - AI/ML
Course Code: CP-AI/ML-I24
Duration: 16 Weekends
Mode: In-Class and Virtual(Weekends)
Why Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning?

According to Forbes, it is predicted that 97 million jobs involving AI will be created between 2022 and 2025. However, there is a shortage of employees with the required skills in this area.

As per Gartner’s study, Artificial Intelligence continues to evolve in the emerging technology trends. There is a growing need for AI applications in various fields like healthcare, entertainment, retail, sourcing & logistics, agriculture and many more.

Generative Artificial Intelligence (Gen AI) has become q buzz word this year. Gen AI not only learns from past data, but also creates a brand new content like text – a text, an image and even code!

Who can join this course?
1. Students pursuing their engineering degree with some skills in any one of the programming languages.
2. Working professionals who want to upskill themselves in the emerging technologies to be futureready.

What does this course cover?
The course has seven modules, including a curated list of capstone projects. The details:

Module 1: Foundation (2 weekends - 12 hrs)

1.1 Introduction to Data Science

1.2 Fundamentals of statistics

1.3 Python Programming

  • Installation

  • Input and Output

  • Variables

  • Type Conversions

  • Basic Math Operations

  • Basic Boolean Operations

  • String Operations

  • Control Flows

  • Iterables (List, Tuple, Dictionary, Set)

  • Numpy

  • Matplotlib

  • Pandas

  • Dataframes

1.4 Exploratory Data Analysis

  • Outlier Detection

  • Label encoding

  • Standardization

  • Normalization Module

Module 2: Machine Learning (3 weekends – 18 hrs)

2.1 Supervised Learning

  • Linear Regression

  • Logistic Regression

  • Naive Based Algorithm

  • Ensemble Techniques and Decision Trees

  • Support Vector Machines

2.2 Un-Supervised Learning

  • Clustering Techniques

  • Principal Component Analysis (PCA)

  • Model Performance and Hyper Parameter Tuning

Hackathon 1 (1 weekend – 6 hrs)
Module 3: Workshop on Data Visualization (16 hours)

  • Microsoft Power BI

  • Tableau Module


Module 4: Deep Learning (6 hrs)

  • Introduction to Convolution Neural Networks

  • Pre-Trained Models

  • Transfer Learning


Module 5: Computer Vision (2 weekends – 12 hrs)

  • Semantic Segmentation

  • Image Classification

  • Object Detection

  • Face Detection and Face Recognition


Hackathon 2 (1 weekend – 6 hrs)
Module 6: Natural Language Processing (NLP) (2 weekends – 12 hrs)

  • Text Extraction

  • Convert unstructured text into structured text

  • Text Classification

  • Topic Modelling

  • Entity Resolution


Module 7: Generative AI Foundation( 1 weekend – 6 hrs)

  • Transformers Architecture

  • Introduction Language Models

  • Introduction to Large Language Models


Hackathon 3 (1 weekend – 6 hrs)

Capstone Project

  • 1. A Curated List of projects will be provided 

  • What is AI (Artificial Intelligence)?
    Artificial Intelligence is a field of science concerned with building computers and machines that can reason, learn and act in such a way that would normally require human intelligence or that involves data whose scale exceeds what a human can analyze.
  • What is ML (Machine Learning)?
    Machine Learning is a form of artificial intelligence based on algorithms that are trained on data. These algorithms can predict and make recommendations by processing data. The algorithms also adapt the new data to improve the efficacy over time. The volume and complexity of data that is now being generated, too vast for humans to reasonably reckon with, has increased the potential of machine learning, as well as the need for it.
  • What is Gen AI (Generative AI)?
    Generative AI is a form of artificial intelligence in which models are trained to generate new original content based on natural language input. In other words, you can describe a desired output in normal everyday language, and the model can respond by creating appropriate text, image or even code output.
  • What are the benefits of learning AI and ML?
    Companies in several industries are building applications that take the advantage of artificial intelligence and machine learning. AI and ML are helping companies transform their processes and products.
  • What are the career opportunities in AI and ML?
    According to Forbes, a global media company, there is a demand of 97 Million new jobs globally. There are several opportunities with roles like AI Data Scientist, Machine Learning Engineer, AI data engineer, AI product manager, AI solution architect, computer vision engineer, Responsible AI analyst.
  • Is this program right for me?
    If you want to be ready for the new era of opportunities, be part of the growth story with the most disruptive technologies, then the answer is yes.
  • What are the prerequisites for taking this program?
    Though it is not mandatory, a minimum experience with any of the programming languages (e.g. C++, Java etc.) is definitely a plus. Most importantly, passion to learn a new technology is what is needed.
  • What is the learning format of this program? (e.g., virtual, in-person, self-paced)
    Currently, the program is being offered in virtual and in-person mod
  • How long does the program take to complete?
    The duration of the program CP-AIML is 15 weekends (around 60 hours). The capstone projects are part of the course curriculum; however, it is assumed that some students may take a little longer to submit their capstone implementations beyond the course duration, but within the course calendar.
  • Do you offer scholarships or financial aid?
    The best implementation of a Capstone project will have a reward amount. The hackathon winning team will get an amazon gift voucher.
  • What are the program instructors' qualifications?
    The instructors have several years of industry working experiencing in designing, developing, implementing and operationalizing the AI products and services for multinational companies. They have post-graduation in computer science, AI and ML.
  • Do you offer career support services?
    Yes, we provide career assistance in terms of getting the students ready to face the real-world by conducting mock interviews, exposing them to the proof of concepts, supporting them to publish their work.

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